About Us

The Loveland Stage Company is incorporated as a not-for-profit, educational organization.

Our Mission Statement:

The Loveland Stage Company is dedicated to serving our community by providing quality theater and performing arts experiences.

Our Vision:


  • Serve as a magnet for our members and audience.
  • Provide a creative, nurturing, and friendly atmosphere.
  • Be a responsible manager of our assets.


  • Attract a wider diversity in our audience.
  • Become a performing arts destination.


  • Be a vibrant and exciting arts entertainment venue.
  • Continue to be viewed as a valued asset to the community.
  • View ourselves as an active community participant.
  • Be an active participant in external arts organizations.

Our organization is all volunteers. We encourage all interested people to become members, whether or not they are performers.

We invite your involvement and active participation in all of the activities of the Loveland Stage Company.

Productions are financed through membership dues, Patron donations, ticket sales and a grant from artswave!


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