Play Submittal Guidelines

The Loveland Stage Company welcomes the submission of plays for performance consideration.  Please follow the procedure outline below (Rev. Aug. 2021).  A printer friendly version is available here.

Loveland Stage Company Play Submittals

Step One:
The director will submit in writing, a short (50 words or less), summary of the action of the play or musical. Following the summary, the director will describe his or her background in the theater and explain their unique qualifications for directing their play.

Proposals for the coming season* must be submitted in writing to the board by October 31 to be assured consideration for that season.
* The season is June 1, 2022 through the following May 31, 2023

Step Two:
If the director’s proposal is approved the director will complete a detailed production plan and submit the plan to the board, in person, for their approval. An example of a production plan follows.

Sample Production Plan:
The director will submit in writing the following: The board will consider the plan and suggest possible revisions to the proposal.

  1. List all characters in the play or musical and give a brief description of their age and type.
  2. What is your overall concept of the play?
  3. Describe your vision of the set and costumes.
  4. How much rehearsal time will you need for this play?
  5. Will you need extra production assistants, e.g. assistant director, assistant music director, vocal coach?
  6. Do you have a proposed budget for the production?
  7. Are there any exception costs associated with this production? (orchestra or musicians, etc.)
  8. Do you have scheduling concerns regarding your availability?

In other words, when would you be available to direct this production? The board will consider the plan and suggest possible revisions to the plan.

Step Three:
Revisions may be made to the plan and the board makes a final determination regarding the play/musical. At the discretion of the board, exceptions to this procedure could be made for a director who has directed with the Loveland Stage Company in the past and whose dependability is certain. The board may also request additional information from the director.

Loveland Stage Company Guidelines for Selecting Directors:
These guidelines are intended as suggestions for directors who wish to direct at the Loveland Stage Company. We may consider other factors that the board deems necessary in determining the choice of either directors or shows for the coming season.

  1. Potential directors must be members of the Loveland Stage Company for at least one year prior to submitting a play for consideration.
  2. Potential directors must have participated in at least two major shows at the Loveland Stage Company.

Submissions can be mailed to:

Pat Furterer
106 Pewter Court
Loveland, OH 45140

If you submission is only a few pages, please email to:

Questions can be directed to Pat Furterer 513.683.9687 or email

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