LSC Patrons are at the heart of our organization.  We could not produce our shows or continue improving the theater building without your help!  LSC is a non-profit organization.  Patron support is an important part of our operating budget.

You can become a Patron by becoming a Seasonal Patron in one of the following categories:

Leading Role                         $1000+
Standing Ovation                   $500
Bravo                                        $100
Curtain Raisers                        $50
Show Patron                             $25

To answer to your questions or become a patron, please call Pat Furterer 513-683-9687 or email

Matching Corporate Funds

Many companies offer matching grants for their employees participation in community theaters.  Ask your company if they offer one.  (For example, current or retired GE employees are eligible for the GE Foundation Matching Grant.)


View our list of current Patrons

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